About «Silk Way» Business Hub

To open a sales office in a foreign country, companies have to conduct serious preparatory work: to find a partner, to choose a strategically advantageous location, to solve a variety of infrastructure issues. We have prepared a comprehensive solution for you which allows you to significantly speed up your company's entry into the Russian market.

Business-hub «Silk Way» is a modern trading platform, high-tech transport and logistics complex, as well as a number of convenient accompanying services.

Concentrate on your business processes, customers and sales, and we will take upon a large part of your daily worries with a high degree of responsibility.

66% - that is how much time you will save relying on our professionalism and competence.

Components of your success

Our company is guided by a simple rule: to free client’s time and to give him an opportunity to fully concentrate on his business. The following solutions became the outcome of our work:

  • Spaces of one of the largest shopping centres in Moscow

    2500 trade pavilions totalling 90,000 m2 are waiting for you. You can independently determine the appearance and format of your site.

  • Special logistics program

    Unprecedently short cycle of cargo transportation from China to Moscow thanks to the delivery scheme developed by TLC “Yuzhnouralsky” (transport and logistics partner of «Silk Way»).

  • Daily support and assistance

    Our support service is able to solve any problems thanks to a complex of customs, banking, migration, legal and other services.

  • 100 000 m2 of warehouse space

    Our Shopping Centre has its own storage areas and all the necessary equipment for transporting your goods to points of sale.

  • The e-commerce platform «Silk Way»

    While developing the platform for Internet trading we took into account all the advances in the e-commerce and made it convenient and effective both for the client and business.

  • Infrastructure

    Gallery «Silk Way» with a total area of 247 000 m2 includes 4 floors, more than 30 cargo elevators and parking for 2500 cars. 24-hour security, catering, recreation and entertainment zones are in place too.

Business-hub «Silk Way». The most effective form of commodity exchange between Russia and China.


Business-Hub «Silk Way» - the future of Russian-Chinese relations

Appraise our ambitions and potential!

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